A Review of Blaze Pizza

Who loves free food? Raise your hands!

I can tell you that my fiancé and I certainly do.





















When we heard that not only was the hot (literally) concept of Blaze Pizza out of California opening a Charlotte location but having a “free pizza day” we had to check it out. I’m sure we would have gone anyway since the eatery is convenient to our gym, but free pizza got us there extra quick.
























On the second day the store was open we got there a few minutes before opening and joined the short line that had formed. By the time we had eaten and were headed out the link was out the door and down the block!


Employees checked to see if you had liked Blaze on social media and we were given a hand stamp. We waited our turn to get inside and were greeted by a treat for the eyes and nose. While waiting you can see someone making and portioning dough, someone shaping dough portions for the pizza, and a line of workers topping pizzas.


























The idea of Blaze is customization. They offer a good list of options they recommend but you can also go for it and come up with your own. One of my favorite parts was the UNLIMITED toppings, no 3 topping limit here when I want all the veggies…and cheeses…what a pleasant surprise. They also offer gluten free crust and a vegan cheese option, making this place a good choice for most.









The restaurant is very clear about calories, even for the make-your-own option, allowing you to monitor if that’s important to you. The crust is quite thin and flat, the distinction of quick fired pizza so we’re not talking about a think and doughy Chicago or Detroit style crust.


I opted to make my own with: spicy red sauce, a bit of mozzarella, ricotta, zucchini, mushrooms, garlic, roasted red peppers, fresh basil, artichokes, and a bit of oregano.





My fiancé chose the signature “Green Stripe” pizza with chicken, roasted red peppers, garlic and mozzarella, finished with fresh arugula and pesto. You’ll see the pesto missing in the picture but they brought us a cup and it was quite tasty (I may have dipped my crust in it).



All in all, this place was fun, fast, inexpensive (not just for free pizza day), and a lighter pizza alternative. We will definitely be back.



The last picture shows we must have liked our pizza!