It probably goes without saying that I love food. To make so much delicious food at home, I also love beautiful kitchenware. Well, in fact, I love my whole kitchen. I have designed it and decorated it just the way I like it and accessorized with some of my favorite pots, pans, plates, and ornaments. Some of the walls are decorated with some beautiful peel and stick wallpaper and others have some of my favorite artwork and family photos hanging on them. My kitchen counters are also decorated with the latest kitchen appliances too however that doesn’t stop me from buying more and more!

Wine rack, Laura of Pembroke

I adore dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, platters. I am a sucker for cute dish towels, beautiful containers for olive oil and kitchen utensils. I so enjoy shopping for it all and using these things day in and day out in my kitchen. I’m often on review sites like Village Bakery, looking for the next best kitchen appliance that will make everything easier for me. I would honestly rather buy a beautiful dish or cheese board than article of clothing most of the time. Anyone with me?

Earlier this week I was invited to check out the new Laura of Pembroke location at Pinecrest, the gorgeous new east side Cleveland shopping center in Orange (right off of 271). Laura of Pembroke is a family business with their original location in Canton, OH. I was impressed by so much during my visit to the store, and wanted to share with you a few of my highlights for their champagne and sweets store opening.

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First, what makes Laura of Pembroke a destination for any shopper is the variety of items they carry. From gorgeous clothing and accessories, to beautiful home decor and furniture, and my personal favorite – kitchenware such as platters, teapots, and wine accessories, to name a few. I recently redecorated my home office and bought some new office furniture from Office Monster, so I was so happy when I found the pile of books with the Steve Jobs quote as I thought this was the perfect finishing touch for in my new office. If you’re shopping for a gift for a friend, a wedding, or just yourself there is so much to be had, and at a range of price points including many very affordable items.

Second, Laura of Pembroke offers and incredible amount of customization and personalization. You can ask about almost anything in the store and they will order it for you in your color/fabric/pattern of choice, including their lovely furniture. With a high turnover of products, they are also happy to order and item you might have seen on a previous visit and left with buyers remorse (the type where you regret NOT buying the item!). They also offer custom registries, perfect for engaged couples.

Dishes, Laura of Pembroke

This brings me to the thing aspect that really stood out to me when I visited Laura of Pembroke at Pinecrest: the customer service. Everyone at the store is welcoming, helpful, and engaged without being pushy or too sales-y (yes, I did just make up that word). For online businesses, customer service is a lot easier because you can use software (see crm for small business as an example) to help improve your customer relations strategy. For businesses like Laura of Pembroke, where everything is face-to-face, things are a lot more difficult. Nevertheless, here you can really shop in total comfort with their warm and knowledgable team. Customer service is something I really value, and I was honestly blown away, even with the business of the store opening. The commitment to hospitality speaks to the nature of the family business.

Now you know why I love Laura of Pembroke so much. I look forward to returning many times over for things for my home, gifts for weddings and birthdays, and to see their often updating merchandise. I’m really eyeing this deco dot tea kettle. Maybe Ill even foray into fashion blogging with their stylish clothes – just kidding – I think Ill stick with food! Who wants to go shopping with me?!

How I shop Local for The Kitchen Style

8 thoughts on “How I Shop Local for Kitchen Style”

    1. It really is, a little something for everyone and at a range of prices which I appreciated. I can’t wait to get back there.

    1. Sounds like a ton of work but well worth it! They really have gorgeous things and styled nooks for inspiration. They also offer interior design if you need extra help and have the budget for it.

    1. You are so right. I just cleaned my kitchen and noticed how ugly mine is. I think it was about $8 on Amazon so it has been sufficiently utilized haha.

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