Vegan French Toast with Fancy Bread

What we’re eating round 2: Breakfast

We love Sunday morning breakfast in our house but we’ve been eating a ton of buckwheat pancakes with almond butter and maple syrup lately, not just for breakfast either. I wouldn’t say we’re tired of our favorite pancakes but I was ready to mix it up in the breakfast department and try something new, especially since we haven’t been eating eggs.

I was at the farmers market next to my gym that I visit every Saturday morning after working out and after scoring some amazing produce I walked past the bread vendor. Let me tell you that I try to divert my eyes around this particular bread vendor because their breads are amazing, aka we will eat most of loaf of bread in one day. We’re doing well if their bread makes it to day two so I try to walk past and avoid the temptation.

But then I looked. And I saw something new. New bread, new bread that had to be tried. New bread that they weren’t sampling making me even more curious. This new bread was whole wheat raisin walnut bread with rosemary. Rosemary! I happen to love rosemary, especially with carbs and this concept might have turned off some people but only made me more intrigued. So I hurried home with my loaf of bread, determined not to eat it all as soon as I got home and to use it for breakfast the next morning. Rather than simple toast, French toast was the obvious answer.

After some Googling and Pinterest searching where I read maybe 15 vegan French toast recipes (again we’re not really eating eggs right now or dairy), I found a few winners, knowing I can always trust Minimalist Baker. I adapted the recipe only slightly with flax eggs in mind. Any bread would work well for this, but something about crusty fresh bread makes it all the better, and some herbs and raisins certainly don’t hurt.


You can see the original recipe here. (Credit Minimalist Baker).

I added 1 Tablespoon ground flax, and chose almond milk, and maple syrup to sweeten.

Our bread slices weren’t huge so this made a good 7 pieces of French toast. Some dairy free butter and maple syrup and we were good to go!

This also seems like a good idea to me for when you start making French toast and realize you don’t have enough eggs. Does any one else have such issues?! Only me?


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